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The Nebrodi are a mountain chain - part of the Sicilian Apennines (formed by both Madonie and Peloritans) and extends for about 70 km parallel to the northern coast of the island. The Nebrodi landscape is characterized by the absence of symmetry between one face and another, the very rich vegetation and the humid environments. The peaks, reaching with Mt. Soro the maximum height of 1,847 meters a.s.l., have rounded slopes and open in wide valleys crossed by many rivers flowing into the Tyrrheanian Sea. Where the limestone prevail, the landscape presents dolomitic aspects, with irregular profiles and harsh forms with many fissures. It is the case of Monte San Fratello and, above all, Rocche del Crasto (1,315 meters a.s.l). Some sites are particularly important because of peculiar features, constituting unique entities: the Cesarò Biviere (pool), the Rocche del Crasto, Trearie Lake, the woods at Mistretta, Monte Pomiere, San Fratello and Mangalaviti are some of them. The vegetation, which was one of the main reasons for setting up the park, is extremely varied and divides into three different levels, as on Etna. At the lower levels there are cultivated plants, on the highest there are oak trees, cork oaks, euphorbias and turkey oaks) beech trees. Lastly, there are maple trees, elms, then the yew, rarities in the Nebrodi. In the undergrowth there is holly, hawthorn, butcher's broom and other plants. The Nebrodi Park was established in 1993. It extends for 88.887,37 ha and comprises the following municipalities: Acquedolci, Alcara li Fusi, Bronte, Capizzi, Caronia, Cerami, Cesarò, Floresta, Galati Mamertino, Longi, Maniace, Militello Rosmarino, Mistretta, Raccuja, Randazzo, San Fratello, San Marco d'Alunzio, San Teodoro, Sant'Agata di Militello, Santa Domenica Vittoria, Santo Stefano di Camastra, Tortorici, Troina, Ucria.
  It includes the most important and largest woodland areas of Sicily (about 50,000 hectares). The best-known arboreal species are Fagus sylvatica (situated in the most southern area of diffusion), Quercus cerris, and Quercus suber. It is also possible to find Quercus ilex, Taxus baccata, Ilex aquifolium and significant lacustrine and rocky environments. Both the verterbrate and the invertebrate fauna specimens are very rich.

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