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Cefalú in Sicily

Cefalú is certainly one of the most popular destinations on Sicily. This ancient fishermens' place has a special charme which is not only engendered by its picturesque centre but also by its beautiful beach. The town's history goes far back, already during the ages of the Phoenicians and the Siculians there was a residential area, as it proved by some findings. Cefalú is situated in the province of Palermo and has about 13.000 inhabitants.

As a very special sight, one can mention the old town with its Norman cathedral which was built during the reign of Roger 2nd. The cathedral is considered to be a real highlight during a stay at Sicily and one can say that for its sake only Cefalú is worth a visit. The story goes that the building of the cathedral was a sign of gratitude to God for the Normans being able to free Sicily from the Saracenes.

View on the town Cefalú
The port of Cefalú
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