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Exlporing Sicily with a rented car

To see Sicily without waiting für public transports and without beeing dependent on time schedules is fantastic. Therefor you have to go by car (or camper) to Sicily or you just hire a car, something we strongly recommend. O.k. it´s hard not to admitt that the Italian driing is sometimes weird, fundamental rules seem to be missing and driving in one of the big cities like Catania can be intimidating, to drive into the oncoming traffik if you want to go left is hard in the beginning, but after some time you get used to it. And than you are free to go wherever you like and whenever you want.


For renting a car you need to be over 21, owner of a driving licence with at least one year of driving experience and most of the time a credit card. Sometimes they take a deposit as well.

There are a lot of international car rental companies who offer their services, and it´s recomended to book a car already from your homecountry. (see the list of links). There are companies at the airport and in the bigger towns and touristy places.

Some Telephone numbers (Catania airport):

Easy car: +39 095 7234066
Italy by car: +39 095 7232149
Sicily by car: +39 095  349900
Sixt Autonoleggio: +39 095  340252
AVIS: +39 095  340500
EUROPCAR: +39 095  348125
EUROP RENT A CAR: +39 095 7231232
HERTZ: +39 095  341595
HOLIDAY CAR RENTAL: +39 095  346769
MAGGIORE: +39 095  340594
TIRRENO: +39 095  346893

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