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Ferry Connections to Sicily

There are quite a few ferry connections to and from Sicily. Connections to Italy, the smaller islands, Sardigna and Malta. The ferries from Messina to Reggio Calabria are leaving very often and every day, despite the good connection you can wait quite long, because of the dense traffic from and to Sicily.

To and from Italy:

From the following cities you can find ferry connections to Sicily

Genua-Palermoeverydaywith Grandi Traghetti
Livorno-Palermo3 times a weekwith Grandi Traghetti
Civitavecchia-Palermo3 times a weekwith Grandi Traghetti
Neapel-Cataniaonce a weekwith Tirrenia
Neapel-Palermoeveryday with Tirrenia
Reggio Calabria – MessinaeverydayItalian public transport
Villa San Giovanni - MessinaeverydayItalian public transport

Other ferry connections

From Sicily you can get to the following islands

Palermo – Liparische Inselonce a weekwith Siremar
Messina – Liparische Inselonce a weekwith Siremar
Milazzo – Liparische Inseleverydaywith Siremar
Tràpani – Pantelleriaeverydaywith Siremar
Marsala – Pantelleriaeverydaywith Siremar
Tràpani – Ägadische Inseln everydaywith Siremar
Favignana-Trapanieveryday(depending on season)with Aliscafi Snav
Tràpani – Cagliari/Sardinien everydaywith Siremar
Palermo – Cagliari/Sardinien once a weekwith Siremar
Catania – Malta3 times a weekwith Tirrenia

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