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Day trips and excursions in Sicily

Sicily offers many excursion destinations. Day trips to enjoy nature and to see some Sights. Sights like Greek temples and antique buildings guarantee some unforgettable impressions. In this section we would like to introduce you to some of these. The list is not complete and will be updated soon.

Topics in this section:
  • Agrigento The city Agrigento is located at the south-west coast of Sicily. Founded by the Greek in ancient times under the name of Akragas, it became one of the most important centres of the island.
  • Etna The Etna is the largest volcano of europe. It´s more than 3300 meter high and towers over Sicily. A stunning sight ...
  • Catania Catania is the second largest city of the island. To the north-west toeers the Etna over Catania and to the east is the coast. Catania pulsates with live.
  • Taormina Over the ionic sea on a rock cliff rises the city of Taormina, the probably most visited city in Sicily.
  • Messina Messina lies at the northeast tip of the island, from here you can take the ferry the mainland of Italy. The cathedral, which was built in the time of the Normans, is the main attraction of the city.
  • Stromboli Stromboli is most northern island of the aeolian islands, as well known as Lipari islands. It is a 200 km long and famous for their active volcano ...
  • Alcántara A visit to the river with its waterfalls and the spectacular cliffs are a breath-taking experience.
  • Siracuse Siracusa, in Sicily, in the southern area of Italy, is an important archaelogical site, but also a famous tourist area; the town is situated along a pleasant bay with wonderful beaches.
  • Cava G. Another extremly beautiful canyon is cava grande. The river Cassibile dug itself deeply into a ravine. The river connects numerous small lakes ...
  • Cefalú Cefalú is certainly one of the most popular destinations on Sicily. This ancient fishermens' place has a special charme which is not only engendered by its picturesque centre but also by its beautiful beach.
  • Monreale Monreale is a small town south of Palermo, and here you can find the most impressive cathedral of Sicily, one can even say it is one of Europe’s most impressive churches. It is the masterpiece of Norman architecture on Sicily, which in a unique way unites the style of the Normans, Arabians and Byzantine in one edifice.
  • Selinunte In Marinella di Selinunte, a small village at Sicily’s south west coast, one can find one of the most beautiful archaeological sites on Sicily. Selinunte at first was a Greek settlement which was situated in the frontier area to regions once settled by the Carthages.
  • Noto Noto is supposed to be THE Sicilian baroque town. After it was nearly completely destroyed by an earthquake, one of the most beautiful baroque towns was built up. Noto also belongs to the Unesco heritage.
  • Erice The little town Erice is situated in the province of Trapani not far away from the province’s capital. It is situated high above the water level and can be seen as a little jewel in this corner of Sicily; the city centre built up in the Middle Ages is definitely worth a visit and full of attractions.
  • Palermo Palermo is the capitol of Sicily, with about 730.000 inhabitants the biggest town on the island and has its own airport. Palermo is situated on the northwest side of Sicily in a bay, surrounded by two foot-hills. Unfortunately Palermo has a negative image like nearly no other town, everybody who hears Palermo thinks about the mafia immediately, which is existing of course but not visible for the common tourist. But Palermo has a lot to offer to tourists and looks back to a long history.
  • Pantalica You like gorges and rivers? Then, Pantalica certainly is something for you. The gorge, which is extending south of the town Sortino (respectively east of Ferla), is a must for somebody who is fond of hiking and nature. In the walls of the gorge, you can find several caves, so-called Necropoles which are old graves that are partly already set up in the young Stone Age. They are impressing witnesses of the beginning human civilisation.
  • Forza d’Agrò Near the touristic places like Taormina and Letojanni, a street trails up to the mountain village Forza d’Agrò on 420 meters altitude. The small village gives you a glimpse of how life has been on Sicily in earlier times.
  • Donnafugata … here Rapunzel could have met with the princess from the Frog King and with Alice from Wonderland… somewhere between the impressive tower and the circular well in the spacious park or in the maze.
  • Favignana Ready for the island? You want to plunge into the depths of the crystal clear water for once and into the colourful fish world and you for once want to leave the miserable problems and sorrows at home?
  • Savoca and Casalvecchio Siculo Savoca is film history thanks to the mafia strip “The Godfather” and Savoca lives thanks to the aristocratic mummies which attract many tourists who like to be given the creeps and also in the Agrò valley lies the cosy village Casalvecchio Siculo, behind Savoca and about 400 metres over sea level.
  • Scicli …once upon a time there was a little, picturesque town in the South of Sicily… Embedded in a breathtaking Canyon-landscape, the foothills of the Iblei Mountain. Scicli is a neat place where Sicilians play cards on the Piazza on Sunday and where you get the impression that the clocks are ticking slower here than anywhere else.
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