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Castelmola on Sicily

Castelmola is a nice and small town, which has developed from a former fortress. A narrow road trails from Taormina further and further around the mountain and at the end of this road you find Castelmola. The town is very popular among tourists. On the one hand because of the fabulous view the visitor gets on the Etna and on Taormina; on the other hand because the townscape itself is very delightful with its narrow alleys, the beautiful shopping street, the souvenir shops and the numerous nice restaurants.

View on the Etna
The streets of Castelmola
A stone gate on the piazza in Castelmola

At the highest point of the town is the former castle. Today only some pieces of the walls have survived. A small performance of raptors takes place here regularly; performing falcons and owls can be gazed at in a show. A little museum was furnished on the area of the castle, too. It shows some medieval exhibits and was arranged quite affectionately, entrance is free. From here you also get a great view over the roofs of Castelmola.

A little delicacy, you necessarily should try here is the almond wine, a quite sweet and very tasty liqueur.

Castelmola - view on the castle
From the castle you get a wonderful view on Etna
There are only few walls left from the castle
The roofs of Castelmola
View on the Piazza
From Castelmola you get a beautiful look on Taormina
A little museum at the castle informs about Sicily in the Middle Ages
The exhibition rooms are furnished with affection to details
From the museum you get a great view of the town.
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