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Geography of Sicily

Size and number of inhabitants

Sicily (ital. Sicilia) is the largest island of Italy and the entire Mediterranean with a size of 25,426 square kilometres. The large Triangle together with the surrounding smaller islands is an autonomous region of Italy. It has approx. 5 million inhabitants. The capital of the island is Palermo. There are two large airports, one in Catania, the other one in Palermo.


A plateau, which rises on 150 to 580 meters over the sea level, forms the largest part of the surface of Sicily. In the east rises the most active volcanic mountain of Europe, the Etna. It towers with a height of 3350 meters over it the entire island. The only clearly seperated mountain ranges are in the north, they are called Nebrodi and Madonie.


Orange- and Olivegroves can be found all over the island, but especially in the area south of the Etna. The plataus are mainly covered by wheatfields.


Scattered juniper, beeches and oaktrees grow in the higher regions. In the lower regions you can find Olive groves, Pinetrees, Oaks and Chestnut Trees.


Agriculture is one of the main economy fields in Sicily. Also you can find a variety of chemical plants of the petrochemical industry. Another branch is the Tourism industry, and it´s getting more important every year. In 2005 Sicily was the most popular region in Italy.

And of course fishery is very important too. A quarter of the fischery in Italy is made in Sicily.