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Pantalica – Necropoles and Gorges

You like gorges and rivers? Then, Pantalica certainly is something for you. The gorge, which is extending south of the town Sortino (respectively east of Ferla), is a must for somebody who is fond of hiking and nature. In the walls of the gorge, you can find several caves, so-called Necropoles which are old graves that are partly already set up in the young Stone Age. They are impressing witnesses of the beginning human civilisation.

The gorge of Pantalica served the Sicilians who were living in that region of the island as a shelter since ever, when again a hostile army invaded and a wanted to conquer Sicily. So the people drew themselves back to this place, lived in the caves and waited for safer times. Today only groups of hikers invade the gorge, which are walking down the narrow paths to get to the river Anapo by even using step stones and finally take a look at the Necropoles.

Hiking tour – round trip, about 3 hours walking time

A good starting point for hiking on a round trip is the town Sortino, from here you drive in southerly direction, following the signs to Pantalica respectively the Necropoles (the people who made the signs could unfortunately not decide which word to use and so they took both by turns). At the end of the asphalt road there is a gate made out of wood and wire-mesh (with possibility to pass the gate). Here you can park your car on your right hand side, now you just have to walk back the road a few steps and then have to climb over a wooden ladder (which looks a little like a letter to a raised hide). If a lot of cars park there it is possible that you don’t have to walk back. The ladder leads you to a little meadow and a path next to a few little rocks leads down in the direction of the gorge. After a few minutes of walking there is a house ruin which you have to pass on its right hand side and then you start the descent down into the gorge of the river Anapo. When you arrived down below you can cross the river directly at this place. After crossing the river you now have to turn right into a small path which you have to follow; this leads you through the rocks to an old railway line which you now follow (but not the through the tunnel you come out at – the tunnel would lead you the way back) until you reach a bridge. You walk over it and now reach another little tunnel you have to walk through. After approximately 13 further minutes you reach a little junction to your right and now you begin with ascending the gorge again. The way leads us to a Belvedere from which we can enjoy the view on the southern Necropoles. Next you reach the Oratorio die S. Micidiaro, and when you walk further on the main path until you pass a gate and reach an asphalt road, you have the choice – either you can walk right on the asphalt road or you take the more beautiful alternative. If you want to do that, you have to turn right shortly before you reach the gate. Then you walk on until you find another gate which you have to pass and then reach a plateau through a hole in the fence. You cross the plateau on small paths and walk directly towards the Anaktoron which is a prehistoric building. Taking a little path you return to the asphalt road, there you turn right and follow the road till its end (at the end there is a small parking lot same as on the other side near Sortino) where it becomes a natural road. We follow this path which is cut in stone and leads us to the North-Necropoles and finally back to the River (this could also be a branch of the Anapo). This we cross and then start to ascend again where we can enjoy breath-catching views over the valley. At the end of the path there is the parking lot of Sortino again.

Alternative tour

If you just want to make a smaller tour, we recommend that you don’t climb over the ladder at the parking lot but take the other direction directly to the North-Necropoles. In any case it will be a trip which will take your breath a little but will also offer you some beautiful views.

Pantálica Ranch

Only 2 kilometers away of the Necropoles of Pantálica there is the Agritourismo “Pantálica Ranch”. It is typical for an Agritourismo that you can enjoy typical regional products from own production as well as you can find an accommodation. On the Ranch of Pantálica, you can buy Ricotta from own production, as well as olives and marmalade made out of Indian figs. It is nice that it is possible also to take part in guided tours to the Necropoles. Besides, the Ranch of Pantálica has horses at your disposal and so offers you the chance to discover the area from a horse’s back. For further information you can get in touch by email.